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Bob Hollenbeck

Board Member


Bob and his wife, Joanne, have lived in Stone Creek since May, 2016. They chose to live here at the encouragement of neighbors and their grown children. This was in part due to Stone Creek’s gated and patrolled environment and to its beauty and openness. Bob remains active in the Insurance and Financial Services business where he has worked for the past 48 years.  Joanne is a retired RN after 26 years of service.  They are active members of Cross Roads Baptist Church, serving in different areas of ministry.  They have two children, Grant, an MD whose family lives in Thomasville, and Jodie, whose family resides in Birmingham Alabama, where her husband is President of Wayne’s Pest Control Company. Bob has served on various non-POA committees in the past and looks forward to serving Stone Creek residents in preserving the security and beauty of the neighborhoods as well as in maintaining the POA covenants.

Property Owners Association

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