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AT&T Fiber Now Available Throughout Stone Creek

The new AT&T Fiber will be available for you to place an order very soon.  It is possible within the hour to over the next few days.  Our system is updating as I type this.  Thank you for putting up with the needed work in your yards to make this possible.  Thank you to the Property Owners Association and the Board of Directors for working with AT&T to place the fiber.  Thank you to the Tillman Development because they gave AT&T an easement on the golf course to approve the funding for this project.
If you are interested in this new fiber, we have a local Sales Rep, Sean Johnson, that will gladly help you get your order placed.  You are welcome to call AT&T, but I cannot guarantee you will speak to someone in the US.  If you call AT&T, then we will not be able to help you locally.   If you follow these instructions below, then you will received a call back from Sean Johnson, AT&T Store Representative, that will help you place an order or give you any info on AT&T products available to you at Stone Creek.
Instructions for Ordering Info or Placing order for AT&T Service:
Send an email to Robbie Dixon at rd9162@att.com with the following info, please.  Your info will be put into our system, and Sean will contact you ASAP.
  1. Customer First & Last Name
  2. Address
  3. Current Home Phone Number (If this is with AT&T)
  4. Current Service with AT&T (Let us know if you have DSL or just a home phone with AT&T)
  5. Can be Reached Phone Number (This is the number that Sean will use to call you back on)
  6. What services you are interested in (Fiber Internet, Voice over IP ((VOIP)), and DIRECTV)
Since this message will involve approximately 600 residents, it could take us a day or two to get back with you depending how many of you respond to this email.  If you have not heard from Sean within 3 days of sending Robbie Dixon an email, then please email Robbie Dixon again.

Thank you so much,

Robbie Dixon #attemployee 
Stone Creek
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