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Main Gate Partial Closure December 5-6

Stone Creek Residents, The main entrance gate will have limited traffic flow Thursday December 5 and Friday December 6, from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm due to needed improvements being made upon the guardhouse. The far right entry gate will be the only functional gate during that time with two security guards for traffic control. After 5:00 pm, the...
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Petition to Fully Staff Lowndes County Fire Stations

CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION On behalf of the Stone Creek Board of Directors, I am writing to you regarding a matter of great importance. As most of you know, we had another home burn down in our community early last Sunday morning.   Fortunately, no human lives were lost, but the family did...
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SCPOA Curfew Survey

The Stone Creek Board of Directors is currently considering adjusting the curfew for minors and would appreciate community feedback. Please note: this does not apply to teens driving home from sporting events, work, etc. This change would only apply to unsupervised teens loitering in the community on foot or golf cart. The proposed change would have an earlier curfew during the...
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