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Storm Preparedness

Stone Creek Property Owners,

As you are all aware, there is a chance of severe weather in our area over the next 24 hours, and currently our area is under a tornado warning.

To help ensure everyone gets through the storm safe and sound we ask that you take the following items into consideration if you have not already done so:

Take action to secure any outdoor items

  • Furniture/grills
  • Trampolines (strap down or turn upside down)
  • Garden equipment, etc. (anything that could become airborne in high winds)
  • Bring lawn furniture inside
  • Bring trash cans and recycling bins inside
  • Secure your garage door
  • Bring pets indoors

Take down any outdoor decor

  • Wind chimes, hanging baskets, wreaths, flags, etc.

Be safe and use your best judgement!

Contact emergency services in the event gas leak, fire, or electrical line hazards.

  • Non-emergency Dispatch: 229-245-5270

If you lose water/or power report it to your local water or electric providers. They will be the ones to help in most cases.

  • Colquitt EMC: (229) 244-6893
  • Georgia Power: (229) 891-0938

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